Drone Incident at Gatwick/Travel Insurance

Lots of people were affected by the recent drone incident affecting flights at Gatwick airport, the majority of travel insurers have since advised that they will consider claims under the Cancellation/Curtailment section only as it has now been publicly announced that the disruption at Gatwick has been deemed a criminal act.

It is illegal to fly drones within 1 km (0.6 mile) of a British airport boundary. Criminal act is not typically a specified peril under the Travel delay or Missed Departure sections though. On this basis, clients will still need to seek reimbursement from the airline/tour operator in the first instance.

However, where people have bought travel disruption cover as part of their insurance they are covered (up to the limits stated in the policy) for travel disruption. Disruption cover refunds the cost of other losses caused by travel delays, such as car hire, accommodation, other travel tickets that customers have not been able to use.

Association of British Insurers advice on travel insurance regarding Gatwick drone closure

“Where illegal drone activity has grounded or diverted flights, as with all flight cancellations or disruption, you should speak to your airline or travel company first who will have certain responsibilities under the law. For additional travel disruption costs, such as missed hotel bookings or already paid for activities that you can no longer make, you should speak to your travel insurer as these may be covered under the terms of your travel insurance depending on the type of cover you have bought.”