Cyber Insurance

If you keep customer or employee information electronically, do you have any procedures in place if that data was stolen or held ransom?

The majority of businesses rely on electronic computer systems one way or another, and as enterprises, big or small, are becoming ever more reliant on technology, this creates a greater exposure and risk to yourselves and your clients.

While there are many examples of high-profile cyber-crimes which have taken place in the past few years, (for example, Barack Obama in 2014 and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2016) each individual case reinforces the impression that these online criminals possess the capability to target anyone.

Cyber Insurance is something which hasn’t had the exposure and recognition it so desperately requires outside of the Insurance world, and in modern times where businesses are almost unable to function without some sort of online presence, it’s an Insurance product which, we believe, is vital in protecting you, your businesses, and most importantly your clients.

There are countless Insurers who provide cover in many sections, for many different businesses threatening scenarios which have potential to arise. At Fidentia, we found Pen and Chubb to be astute choices, in terms of support to clients during and after an attack, and adequate cover in the areas which from past Cyber-attacks, are identified as most vulnerable.

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