Fine Wines, Champagne, Whisky & Spirits Insurance

Fine Wines, Champagne, Whisky and Spirits Insurance: Insuring your Precious Collection If you own or manage a collection, whether wine or whisky, you want to know that in the event of unforeseen situations such as breakages or thefts your collection maintains its value…..or that you can still have the pleasure of drinking it! Of course, you will be looking for a competitive insurance policy but do you also want an insurance broker If yes, then you need us! Benefits within our product: So, whether you are a private collector or manage collections, entrust us to safeguard the investment. If you want to find out what
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Working hard on your behalf Your Fidentia team will often negotiate with insurance underwriters and loss adjusters face to face, on your behalf, to secure the best outcome for you. We are able to do this because of our close proximity to the London headquarters of Lloyd’s of London and other leading insurers. Over the years we’ve built up close working relationships with key underwriters and loss adjusters, which greatly helps us in achieving positive outcomes for our clients. Can we help If you are looking for a first class client experience from an insurance broker, please contact our friendly team for an initial chat on tel +44(0)20 3150 0080 or email